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Mixologist Hire For Party At Home

Mixologist hire for party at home London and UK - elevate your event with crafted cocktails! This is the perfect solution if you're planning a house party, hen party or a birthday party. Professional cocktail bartenders can and will make your drinks taste delicious.

What is a Mixologist?

A mixologist is more than just a cocktail bartender; they are connoisseurs of the cocktail craft. These skilled artisans blend a deep understanding of flavours, textures, and aesthetics. Mixologists train to create visually stunning drinks and delicious to taste.

When you hire a mixologist for party, you’re committing to excellence. Rest assured, you’re not just getting a random bartender to mix drinks. You’re inviting an artist who will transform your ordinary gathering into an extraordinary experience.

So raise your glass to the deft hands of a cocktail artisan and let the magic unfold at your next event! Each of the amazing cocktails they craft is a unique story told through layers of taste and innovation.

Why hire a Mixologist?

Expertise and Artistry: Mixologists possess extensive knowledge of spirits, mixers, and techniques. They can create a bespoke cocktail menu, from classic favourites to innovative new concoctions. Delicious drinks are perfectly balanced and beautifully presented, ensuring your guests enjoy a superior drinking experience.

When you hire a cocktail mixologist you can ask them for a customised drink menu. Whether you want drinks that match your event’s theme, molecular mixology or something unique. A mixologist can work with you to create a menu aligned with your cocktail party vision.

Entertainment Value: A mixologist adds an element of theatre and sophistication to your event. Their presence and skill in crafting each drink become part of the entertainment. And thus making your gathering more memorable and engaging for guests.

Professional Service: When you book the mixologist hire package, you can relax and focus on enjoying your event. Our mixologists will take care of all aspects of the bar service from the moment they walk in the door.


How do you hire a mixologist

Right here, Private Barman's mixologists are true bar experts dedicated to the beautiful art of mixology. Our skilled team are suitable for high end parties and for those who want their event to stand out. The crew can walk into any party and start whipping out delicious cocktails based on the stock that you already have.

Professional mixologists will assist with all aspects of your private party allowing you enjoy the day with your guests. Let us help make your event hassle-free with our fun and professional bartender and mobile bar hire services.

Our bartenders can work both as an addition to your existing team or they can work alone. Book in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and anywhere in between!

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Mixologist

Hourly rates and daily rates available plus special multi-day event rates available on request.

Pricing varies based on location, expertise, and event specifics. Hourly rates and daily rates available plus special multi-day event rates available on request. Custom mobile cocktail bar hire are also available for corporate events,

Cocktail Mixologists £145

3 hours. Travel rates if applicable will be confirmed at enquiry stage.

Additional Time £35/h
Daily Rates (6 hours). £195
Standard Bartenders £120

4 hours. Beer, wine and standard spirits service.

Additional Time £25/h
Daily Rates (8 hours) from £165

Mixology Services For Hire